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For urgent matters which require immediate attention, please do not use this site and call +44 1249 661689. You will be put in contact with our external service provider in the United Kingdom. If you do not speak English, they will put you in contact with a translator in order to take note of your concern, which will be treated according to the same rules and conditions as if it had had been transmitted via the site.

This page is for L'ORÉAL Stakeholders (suppliers, clients, consumers, shareholders of L’ORÉAL and representatives of civil society) to report.

If you are a L'ORÉAL Employee, click here to make a Speak Up report or if you have a previous case and wish to view any feedback received.

if you are a L'ORÉAL External Staff (temporary staff, interns and employees of service providers or subcontractors) click here to make a Speak Up report or if you have a previous case and wish to view any feedback received.

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1) Introduction

We take reports very seriously. Your report will be examined according to the terms of L’ORÉAL’s Speak Up Policy. It is therefore important that you read it and agree to it. Please check if your report falls within the definition of a Speak Up report as set out by L’ORÉAL’s Speak Up Policy. This Policy also describes how we will handle your report in strict confidentiality. You should also read how your personal data will be handled. *

Which country did the concern take place in? *

Click here to select and read the L’ORÉAL’s Speak Up Policy of the country in which you are located

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2) Type of Concern

Please indicate the type of concern you wish to report. If you cannot find an appropriate heading, please choose the one that is closest to the concern that you want to report. *

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3) Internal Reporting

Have you already raised your concern with a L'ORÉAL Employee or Director? *

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4) Please describe your concern

In order to facilitate the handling of your report, please include all relevant information such as when and how you became aware of the matter, where and when events took place. Try and be as objective as possible. If you are not sure about a certain fact (e.g. because you cannot confirm it yourself, etc...), please include this in your description. *

Does this concern events:

If you have any documents that may help us to better understand your concern, please upload them.

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5) Persons Involved

Please identify the person(s) you think are involved: *

TitleFirst nameLast nameRelationship with L'OREALFunction

Please identify the person(s) who may be witnesses to these events:

TitleFirst nameLast nameRelationship with L'OREALFunction
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6) Internal and Legal Proceedings

To your knowledge, is there any impending or ongoing internal or legal proceedings or equivalent (grievance, arbitration, injunction, mediation, complaint, etc…) relating to your concern? *

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7) Contact Details

We wish to examine in detail all reports raised. If you share with us your contact details, this will allow us to contact you if we require additional information. For memory, no Stakeholder can suffer retaliation from a L’ORÉAL Employee for having made a Speak Up report or participated in its handling. Your identity and information allowing your identification cannot be divulged without your consent, except to the legal authorities.


First Name:

Last Name:

Private email address:

Private telephone number:

Please check below if you prefer to remain anonymous at this time. We draw attention to the fact that if you choose to remain anonymous, none of your contact details will be retained. Please note that we do not encourage anonymous reports. It is more difficult and sometimes impossible to examine anonymous Speak Up reports or to establish whether allegations are credible. For memory, your identity and information allowing your identification cannot be divulged without your consent, except to the legal authorities. The subject matter of your report and the identity of the persons implicated can only be shared by the SVP & Chief Ethics Officer, the authorised persons or the person handling your report with employees or third parties to which they have recourse while handling your report or to take appropriate measures. All these persons are bound by a strict confidentiality obligation. *

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8) Submission

If you would like to make any changes to your report before submitting it, please use the Back button below. Once you are satisfied with your report, please click Submit to validate and send your report.

By pressing submit, you are consenting to the processing of the data contained within this report.

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